Historical Premillennialism

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Historical Premillennialism is a theological belief within certain Christian traditions that interprets the millennial reign of Christ as a literal thousand-year period that occurs after His second coming and before the final judgment. It is one of the oldest eschatological views in Christian history. Here is a summary of historical premillennialist doctrine.

Literal Second Coming

Historical Premillennialism holds to a belief in the literal, visible, and bodily second coming of Jesus Christ. At His return, Christ will establish His earthly kingdom and reign as King over the nations.

Pretribulation Rapture

Within Historical Premillennialism, there is a belief in the pretribulation rapture. This means that before the seven-year period of tribulation, all true believers in Christ will be taken up to Heaven to be with Him, escaping the intense suffering and judgment that will come upon the earth during the tribulation period.

Tribulation and Antichrist

Historical Premillennialism teaches that the world will experience a period of great tribulation, lasting seven years, characterised by wars, disasters, and the rise of a figure known as the Antichrist who will deceive many.

Second Coming and Millennial Reign

After the tribulation, Jesus Christ will return visibly to the earth with His resurrected and raptured saints. He will defeat the Antichrist and establish a literal thousand-year reign on Earth known as the Millennium.

Resurrection and Judgment

During the Millennium, there will be a first resurrection, in which believers who were raptured and martyred during the tribulation will be raised to life and reign with Christ. Unbelievers who died during the tribulation will remain in their graves until the end of the Millennium.

Final Rebellion and Judgment

At the end of the thousand years, there will be a final rebellion against Christ, led by Satan. This rebellion will be swiftly crushed by God, and there will be a general resurrection of all the dead, both believers, and unbelievers.

Eternal State

After the final judgment, the eternal state will begin. Believers will enter into the new heaven and new earth to dwell with God for eternity, while unbelievers will be eternally separated from God in Hell.


Historical Premillennialism has its roots in early Christian thought and has been held by various theologians throughout church history. While it is not as prevalent as other eschatological views today, it remains a significant perspective within certain Christian traditions.

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