Walking with God

Welcome to my Blog. This site is a work of obedience, walking with God. I first felt the compulsion to set down various thoughts and writings back in 2017 as I first made a transition from my previous denomination first into the wilderness of no organised religion and thence to my current church.


I am trialling videos to back up what I am writing here! Check it out on YouTube here!

How the Site is Organised

I have tried to organise the page somewhat into a couple of article series on specific topics, reviews of books I have found interesting and some essays on various subjects I find interesting. Note that some of my writing does not reflect my current doctrinal position. I have been progressively updating articles, but that is actually a pretty big undertaking.

Frankly, I think it’s a bit difficult to categorise things, so, here are some topics you might find interesting:

There are many more articles, but hopefully that gives you a bit of a taste for what I write about.

I read a lot. If you are interested in some good reads, I try and maintain this list semi regularly.

I am currently studying for a Masters of Divinity. I am posting my assignments here. If you are interested, I will post them after each is marked. I’ll post the mark so you can get some idea of the quality of the information.

Unitarian to Trinitarian

My journey has been a rocky one and I find myself having left the religion of my family. I am a traditional Christian now rather than Christadelphian. Throughout the 18 months I spent outside of organised religion I was determined to maintain my authentic, spiritual connection to my God and my oldest and most loving brother, Jesus. Little did I realise how much more full this relationship would become, particularly with the revelation of the Triune God!

Regardless of anything else, it is a very difficult task to remain spiritually strong without a community to assist you in that endeavour. For that reason, I hang out with a bunch of Baptists who seem to be at the progessive end of that denomination…. I am a member there, but I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself any particular flavour of Christian. I have also moved from cessationist to believing in the present day possession of the Holy Spirit Gifts – to my great surprise, Holy Spirit has led me to speaking in tongues.

For more information about me, (not that I am important), head over to this page.

For disclosure, my upbringing was as a Christadelphian but I no longer consider myself anything other than a Christian and Son of God (if I may be so bold).

In transparency, let me just say that I do not hold to the beliefs of the Christadelphians who I now believe to be in error. I love my brothers and sisters of that denomination even while I believe them to be in error. God’s grace is all encompassing.

Walking with God

We are sanctified where we are found in walking with God.

I do not consecrate myself to be a missionary or a preacher. I consecrate myself to God to do His will where I am, be it in school, office, or kitchen, or wherever He may, in His wisdom, send me.

The Normal Christian Life (Watchman Nee)

God doesn’t need me to serve Him, but if I wish to serve Him, it will be on His terms, not mine. We are walking with God, rather than He with us!

You cannot learn surrender until all is stripped away and you have no choice but to surrender. There is no certainty in this life but God and His beautiful son. We need to keep this in our forefront every day.