Worshiping our Intellect over God

Something that is becoming more clear to me is that many Christians are very willing to intellectualise God. Often they don’t really understand and engage with God personally. We can tend to start worshipping our intellect rather than God.

Indicators of this can include an insistence on archaic language. I see it sometimes when people say odd things. An example is , “we now approach the throne of God in prayer”. Is God not present here and now?

If we are not directly and daily engaged with the Sovereign God who rules every aspect of our lives we lose the love connection of our hearts with God and instead we are engaged only in duty. Duty without passion is a recipe for disinterest and conflict.

Engaging our Passion

If we do not engage our passions (worshipping our intellect) we are also unable to engage the passions of others and fail to perform our primary function of spreading the love of God to others.

WE Vine in defining Agape says, the word expresses the perfect love of a perfect being to an imperfect creation, provoking in them love back to the giver of love, love to those who also receive the love of God and love to those who have yet to engage with the love of God that they might come to the love of Him.

Duty without love, an intellectualised God and disengagement from Him all hinder our service.

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