Until Unity

This is a review of Until Unity by Francis Chan. The premise of this book is pretty important. The problem is that I find I am not very well aligned with Francis Chan. I see in him the problem of conservative preachers who address matters of a more liberal theology. Ultimately, Francis starts out with promise but then he pulls back from going all out. That’s a real pity.

Until Unity

Author: Francis Chan

Genre: Religious

First Take: An interesting premise that doesn’t go far enough

When did I read it? 2020 (I think)


Francis Chan addresses a subject that is pretty close to my heart. Have a read of my article, “does it matter what you believe” to get a sense of my thoughts on the subject of association, fellowship and saving knowledge (All important elements to consider in thinking about unity).

I quite eagerly purchased this book (I have read other books by Francis Chan) and launched into something that I really thought would expand my thinking on the vital theme of unity within the body of Christ.

He does cover some really important concepts.

I think his views on the role of humility in facilitating unity are very important. Human pride is so destructive and I think he really nails the importance of overcoming it as a means to unity.

I was really intrigued to read someone else’s review of this book. They felt that Francis Chan doesn’t go far enough with “drawing the line” around what can be unified and what can’t. I feel sure, if you have read my work here, you will understand that I think he goes too far in starting to lay out a range of doctrines that are the foundations of unity. I strongly believe that doctrinal difference is not an impediment to unity.

Ultimately, I found the book thought provoking and well founded. I just wish he had taken the pursuit of unity to its logical conclusion. Unity does not mean the absence of critical thought, but fundamentally doctrine is something you need to work out with God, not with each other.

I recommend the work, I just wish it went further!

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